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SME Series M2-12


Condition: New
Warranty: 24 Months
Colour: Black
HTFH Cat. No.: EB354
£1,800.00 Each

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SME Series M2-12
SME Series M2-12


These precision pick-up arms embody well tried SME principles and are suited to a broad range of cartridges including those of medium and low compliance.

The M2 shell is pressure die-cast in magnesium for lightness and rigidity.

Series M2-12 has a pivot-stylus dimension of 308.8 mm (12.16”). Distortion caused by lateral tracking error is at least 25% less than possible with a nine or inch arm. However effective mass will be typically 12.0 grams. Also, a turntable designed for 12-inch arms must be selected.



The internally damped tonearm of highly polished stainless steel provides sparkling uncoloured reproduction. A unique single element balance system caters for cartridges weighing 5 to 12 grams. After balancing tracking force is applied by forward movement of the weight ensuring the lowest system inertia. The weight moves on a precision screw thread with backlash eliminator allowing exact setting of vertical tracking force.


A collet of ingenious design affords ‘one-piece’ rigidity and allows azimuth correction to be made before final tightening. 1.0 gram per revolution tungsten weight sub-graduated 0.25 and 0.025 gram moving on a precision screw with backlash eliminator. 220mm (48”) D501 balanced audio lead. Engineered in the best camera quality with satin chrome finish Fluid damped lift/lower control. Low friction, fully shielded races for both axes. Sliding base for tracking adjustment. Thumbwheel height adjustment. Traditional pattern anti-skate.

Technical Specification

SME Series M2-12

Dimensions Series M2-12

A – Distance from pivot to stylus     308.80mm

B – Distance from pivot to turntable centre     295.60mm

C – Cartridge fixing centres     12.70mm

F – Overhang     13.21mm

G – Height above mounting surface     87.0mm max - 63.0mm min
 *Note: Spacer P1, part no. 3823/IV is required when the turntable surface
is more than 41.30mm above the surface on which the arm is mounted             

H – Height of record surface above mounting surface     67.40mm max - 43.40mm min

J – Depth below mounting surface     46.0mm

K – Radial clearance for balance weight     51.0mm
+ – Tracking adjustment     12.70mm

24 Months
Model Number
Series M2-12


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