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Avantgarde Zero 1 Fully Active

3 Way Hornsystem Active Speakers

Condition: New
Warranty: 3 Years
Colour: Black
HTFH Cat. No.: EB225
  • Amplifier power mid/high 2 x 50 Watt (Class A/A-B)
  • Amplifier power bass (RMS) 500 Watt, Class-D
  • Active crossover Pre-programmed via FPGA
  • Analog input 1 pair XLR sockets
  • Digital inputs 5 (AES, Toslink, 2 x SPDIF, USB)
£15,500.00 Pair

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Avantgarde Zero 1 Fully Active
Avantgarde Zero 1 Fully Active


More integrated, compact and simple and yet a veritable horn loudspeaker—to the very last decibel. The ZERO 1 is a dream come true — one that we have shared with many music lovers for over twenty years. Though fascinated, moved and amazed by our larger acoustic transducers we have always longed for a more compact horn loudspeaker to make the incomparable experience of Avantgarde Acoustic accessible to a wider audience of audio enthusiasts. The ZERO 1 opens up this new road with a revolutionary size simplified shape hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.

Technical Specification

Avantgarde Zero 1 Fully Active

Midrange Driver

Horn type     Spherical horn
Horn material     PUR, molded
Horn finish     matt lacquered
Horn dispersion angle     180 degrees
horn mouth area     0.126 sqm
horn diameter     190 mm
horn length     280 mm
CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic)     yes
membrane diameter     125 mm
membrane material     ladled paper
magnet material     Ferrite

Tweeter Driver

Horn type     Spherical horn
Horn material     PUR, molded
Horn finish     matt lacquered
Horn dispersion angle     180 degrees
Horn area     0.013 sqm
Horn diameter     130 mm
Horn length     77 mm
Membrane diameter     25 mm
Membrane material     Mylar
Magnet material     Ferrite

Subwoofer Driver

Driver diameter     300 mm/12“
Membrane material     impregnated paper
Magnet material     Ferrite
Drivers per subwoofer     1

Subwoofer Amplifier

Subwoofer amplifier
Master/Slave system     yes, channels assignable via software
Master/Slave link     Wireless (2.4 Ghz)/Wire-Link
Amplifier power bass (RMS)     500 Watt, Class-D
Amplifier power mid/high     2 x 50 Watt (Class A/A-B)
Digital inputs     5 (AES, Toslink, 2 x SPDIF, USB)
Analog input     1 pair XLR sockets
Active crossover     Pre-programmed via FPGA
EQ filters     Programmable via FPGA
Programmable via USB     yes
Remote control included     yes

Mechanical Construction

Foot frame     massive steel, chrome plated, adjustable
Cabinet     Reinforced construction from casted PUR
Subwoofer front cover     Detachable cloth cover
Operation indicator     LED at cabinet logo panel
Subwoofer rear cover     PUR plate, magnetic fixation

3 Years
Model Number
Zero 1 Fully Active
220v / 240v Only


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