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Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE

Hi-Fi Stand (4 Shelf)

Condition: New
Warranty: 2 Years
Colour: Dark Bamboo & Satin Black
HTFH Cat. No.: EB118
  • High density carbonized bamboo
  • Sonic Isolation System Technology
  • Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
£820.00 Set

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Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE
Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE


The Evoque special edition incorporates significant sonic and mechanical resonance control upgrades designed specifically for the hifi enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate in musical performance. This visually attractive and beautifully crafted British made modular support makes a stunning centrepiece and is perfect for both supporting and maximising the performance of quality hifi equipment.


Shelving, Gaskets & Caps

Atacama’s high density carbonized bamboo gives significant major sonic advantages when compared to traditional hardwood and veneered supports, with its unique micro growth pore structure offering both excellent vibration absorbing and resonance controlling properties. The production processes, layering, density and overall thickness have been specifically chosen to give the best possible acoustic results. Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology (A.S.I.S.T) has been incorporated into each module. This consists of two dampening gaskets* in each leg designed to reduce “ringing” and to isolate the Aluminium components from the outer leg collar. These components act as resonance conductors, allowing an escape route for this energy away from the bamboo shelves so that it can be dissipated through to the floor.

Legs, Channels & Spikes

Leg lengths are 15mm longer than standard Evoque, thus lowering the resonance frequency of each module when compared to an equivalent standard Evoque. The leg outer collars are powder coated. By adding additional fully adjustable mass via Nickel plated Bronze frostrum cones to the leg internal studs*, the module frequency can be tuned to dial out the resonance of the specific equipment being supported. Each Bamboo panel has V.R.D.C Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels. V.R.D.C. is the three dimensional geometric design that has been crafted into the underside of each module. This complex pattern neutralises high frequency harmonic energy by directing it away from the supported equipment toward the leg grounding components. Each channel has been cut into a “V” shape so directing energy that is entering the shelf vertically into a horizontal axis so avoiding resonance feedback, maximising each modules performance. With so much resonance being directed away from the bamboo, the spike interface has now been opened so avoiding a constriction of this energy and allowing it to freely dissipate to the floor.

Technical Specification

Atacama Evoque ECO 60/40 SE


1 x Evoque ECO 60/40 SE HiFi Base
and your choice of
3 x 160mm, 210mm and/or 260mm Evoque ECO 60/40 SE HiFi Shelf

Price quoted is for four shelves but we can quote for more and less shelves on request.

2 Years
Model Number
Evoque ECO 60/40 SE
Dark Bamboo & Satin Black
Weight (Each)


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